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Project event


70 people attended the Final Workshop

CETaqua and the other project partners (SGAB, PENTAIR and DOW) presented the conclusions of the project Life+ UFTEC in the Final Workshop, which took place on Thursday June 20th in Can Serra (Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona).

Workshop’s primary goal was to disseminate the main conclusions obtained during the UFTEC project, where direct ultrafiltration was tested as a substitution of the conventional pre-treatment of raw river water. The main results obtained with the three different technologies were presented and a technical, environmental and economic assessment of direct UF and conventional pre-treatment were conducted, demonstrating the feasibility of the direct UF concept for the pre-treatment of challenging waters.

More than 60 people attended to this Workshop, especially professionals of water sector, who followed the conferences with high interest.

To end the day, CETaqua’s professionals accompanied the attendants to a guided visit to Sant Joan Despí Drinking Water Treatment Plant, where the prototypes are set.

Thanks to all the participants and attendants!

In the following link there is a gallery with a selection of the Final Workshop’s best photos: http://ow.ly/mqAQU